The Union of wood processing manufacturers (ZSD SR)

Country: Slovakia

Address: Slovakia, 960 53 Zvolen, Ulica T. G. Masaryka 24

Tel: +421 918 474 987

Fax: + 421 45/5330 278



Description of the company

The timber processing industry in Slovakia has processing capacities that are fully sufficient for the entire volume of harvested coniferous timber in Slovakia. The structure, size and location of particular processing facilities have been influenced by the development prior to 1990 and by the constructi on of large facilities in the last 2 decades. The largest processing units for conifer roundwood are Rettenmeier Tatra Timber s.r.o. Liptovský Hrádok, PRP s.r.o. Veľký Krtíš, Amico Drevo s.r.o. Oravský Podzámok, P.F.A s.r.o. Lozorno, and Spektrum s.r.o. Hliník nad Hronom. In 2015, almost 6.9 million m3 of raw timber was consumed in Slovakia.

The Union of Wood Processing Manufacturers to the Slovak Republic (ZSD SR) has bee the voluntary institution, created by the organizations and companies, etc., active in the branch of wood working production.

ZSD SR has been established during the year of 1997 by sixteen /16/ founding organizations and companies, etc., and today the ZSD SR has been associated more than a houndred membership organizations, companies, etc., already, having, in total number, nearly 5.000 employees. All membership organizations, companies, etc., have been the representatives of the wood processing, furniture and wooden building and constuctions as well as, the related industry branches.

At present, within ZSD SR organization, there have been working the specialized sections, as follows:

Wood processing Section.
Furniture Section.
Producers and importers of machines, tools, equipment and materials for wood processing and furniture, etc. industries Section.
Wooden building and constructions Section.
Traders specialized in Slovak furniture sales Section.
ZSD SR has been the permanent co-organizer to the International Exhibition of Furnituire and Appartment´s Equipment , named as „THE FURNITURE AND HABITATION“ , which has been organized annually in ther city of Nitra /the Slovak Republic/. The main organizers partrnership, between the Agrocomplex Fair – the Exhibitionship Organization to the city of Nitra, on the one side and the ZSD SR, on the other other side, this has been confirmed by means of signing „the Cooperation Agreement“ between the both, above mentioned organizations. As the main subject of the siígned Agreement, has been the cooperation of the both contracting parties at the advertising, organizational and technical back-up to the International Fair.

ZSD SR has been the co-organizer to the International Fair, concerning the machines, tools and materials for the Wood-processing and Furniture Industries, named as the “LIGNUMEXPO“ , which have been regularly organized during the autumn terms in the city of Nitra /the Slovak Republic/. ZSD SR membership companies have been exhibited their products at this, mentioned Fair, within the provided advantageous conditions.