Country: Croatia

Address: Industrijska 24, 34 000 Požega

Tel: +385 34 31 11 51

E-mail: spinvalis@spinvalis.hr

Webpage: http://www.spinvalis.hr

Description of the company

A Croatian company Spin Valis d.d. is specialized in the production of solid furniture and saw milled wood (wood planks, elements, finger joint and long length glued panels), which are made from oak, steamed and unsteamed solid beech wood.
Founded almost 70 years ago, Spin Valis has managed to remain the key name in the wood processing industry, operating successfully on domestic and international market. Spin Valis exports more than 85% of its products in approximately 30 countries.

The company started its business in 1950 under the name Lipa, having ten employees at the time. From 1978 up to this day it operates under the name Spin Valis. Their todays strengths are modern technology, knowledge, design and hardworking hands of almost 500 employees
The production facilities, warehouses and offices cover the area of 112,705 m2. In addition, Spin Valis owns heating/electrical power plant which uses waste wood components as energy, producing hot water and steam for the kiln dryers, steaming chambers and for its own heating. Spin Valis has established full production circle: highest quality wood material is used for the final products production, bark and production leftovers are being chipped and later used for the heat and electricity production. Electricity and heat are again used for production process . Wood sawdust is used for the production of wood briquettes.
Spin Valis uses the highest quality oak and beech wood from local forests with FSC® certificate. Forests are managed in accordance with strict European and world ecological, social and economic standards.
Spin Valis constantly invests financial resources and efforts into production of healthy and ecologically acceptable products, using surface processing materials in the line with the EU health regulations, including natural bio oils. By using such materials, Spin Valis permanently protects the environment and health of its employees and customers.
Owing to its tradition, excellence and quality, Spin Valis exports more than 85% of its products to foreign markets. Its business partnership with the most prestigious European furniture manufacturers and furniture chain stores proves that the company is a trustworthy and competitive business partner.