SIP d.d.

Country: Slovenia

Address: Juhartova ulica 2, 3311 Šempeter v Savinjski dolini

Tel: +386 3 7038500



Description of the company

Establishing long term cooperation with Chinese company similar profile as SIP .

Additional data about company

SIP is a company with more than 60 years’ tradition, excellent reputation and clear vision.

Main activity in accordance with NACE classification

Size: medium
Number of employees: 204
Income: 16,4 mio Euro
Export share in income: 80%
Tradition since: 1954

Main activity in accordance with CPA classification

Developing end production of whole range of hay harvesting equipment including Disc Mower, rotary Tedders and Rakes.

Target regions and countries where a company exports

Exporting to more than 40 countries.
Our main markets are: Austria, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Holland, Italy.