M-SORA d.d.

Country: Slovenia

Address: Trg svobode 2, 4226 Žiri

Tel: +386 4 50 50 300

E-mail: info@m-sora.si

Webpage: http://www.m-sora.si/en/

Description of the company

Export of windows and doors to end users.

Additional data about company

M SORA d.d. is a Slovenian Joint Stock Company that has its origin in the Farming Cooperative Žiri, founded in 1948, as an agricultural and forest products trader. It has been adapting itself from its beginning due to the changes in socio-economical environment and market circumstances up to being mainly window producers. Investing continuously development of new competitive products and on cutting-edge equipment is a way of securing employment in the long term. Main business of M SORA is woodworking and production and installation of doors and windows is its speciality. A wide range of windows including lift-slide windows and doors are exported to European countries, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Dubai, Azerbaijan and other countries. All products are custom made which reflects in constant development, great flexibility of company and intensive development work in several implemented national and European projects. Beside wood working M SORA also has commercial activity concerning wholesale of materials for doors and windows, sale of construction materials and reproductive material for agriculture, sale (wholesale and retail) of hardware, household items/appliances and foodstuffs.

Main activity in accordance with NACE classification

Size: SME
Number of employees: 180
Income: 25 mio €
Export share in income: 40 % (window production)
Tradition since: 1948

Main activity in accordance with CPA classification

C 16.23.11
Windows, French windows and their frames, doors and their frames and thresholds, of wood

Target regions and countries where a company exports

European countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden), USA, Canada