LESKOM-OD d.o.o.

Country: Slovenia

Address: Ulica Sergeja Mašera 52, 5222 Kobarid

Tel: +386 41 623 267

E-mail: leskom-od@siol.net

Webpage: http://www.leskom-od.si

Description of the company

Exporting, logs, boards, semi products of wood.

Additional data about company

Leskom-OD is a family run company with a long tradition. It started as a saw mill and timber trade company. Since 2008, after a business reorganization, it operates under the name Leskom-OD and provides trade services in the timber industry (timber, semi-products, firewood, sawmill machinery, etc.).
Our business consists of the wholesale of wood in logs and also in different production stages such as boards, semi-products and firewood. We are also a commercial agent for used and new machinery for wood production.
Most of our wood originates in Slovenia but we also import minor quantities from Eastern Europe, Balkan countries and Austria. We sell our products in Slovenia and in the other EU markets, mainly in Italy. We also cooperate with Chinese partners and some other eastern markets.

Main activity in accordance with NACE classification

Size: small
Number of employees: 2
Income: 1.100.000€
Export share in income: 1.100.000€
Tradition since: 2008

Main activity in accordance with CPA classification

Description of the business needs/requirements:
46.73.11; 46.73.12

Target regions and countries where a company exports

Italy, Hungary, China, France, Iran