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The high-quality wood scrimber is a reconstituted wood product made from fast-growing wood treated by rotary cutting, loosening, drying, gum dipping, cold pressing and curing. It has the advantages of good processing performance, high strength, large toughness, stable performance, controllable density and specification. It is a high-quality raw material for manufacturing high-grade wood products, such as high-grade doors and windows, furniture, floor and outdoor landscape materials. At the same time, the implementation of the project conforms to the national timber development strategy and meets the requirements of sustainable development. Main investment objective: The construction of the project can provide the market with 10,000 M3 of high-quality wood scrimber every year to meet the market demand for high-grade wood consumption.   Location: This project is located in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, which is a traditional wood-based panel production area in China and has a good industrial base. The project is located in the middle of the industrial zone and has all the necessary public facilities and energy infrastructure. Technical Characteristics: High-quality wood scrimber does not change the structural characteristics of wood itself, while it is still a kind of natural wood. Not only it has the texture of natural wood and beautiful appearance, but also its physical and mechanical properties are superior to natural wood because it overcomes the defects of natural wood that is easy to warp, deform and crack. Its. It is a new type of board with excellent performance. It has the following characteristics:
  • Wide source of raw materials: it can make full use of fast-growing forest wood, wood in short rotation cutting period and plywood scrap
  • The product has strong directivity: large cross-section square timber with uniform density, high strength and optional length can be obtained, thus improving the comprehensive utilization rate and economic benefits of wood.
  • Controllable density and specification: according to different requirements of physical properties, mechanical properties, fatigue properties, and weather resistance of the target product, excellent performance of natural wood can be manufactured by controlling the material density, the amount of adhesive introduced, the degree of defibering and separation and the manufacturing process (including temperature, time, pressure, etc.). The product size and performance index are as follows:
    • Length: 2500mm;
    • Width: 150mm;
    • Thickness: 15mm;
    • Density: 600kg /m3 ~ 950kg/m3, calculated density 800kg/m3
    • Horizontal shear strength: 4.90 MPa ~ 3.43 MPa (under vertical loading), 4.21 MPa ~ 2.94 MPa (under horizontal loading);
    • Elastic modulus: 6000MPa ~ 10000MPa;
    • Bending strength: 22 MPa ~ 36MPa;
    • Water absorption thickness expansion rate ≤3%.
  • Good mechanical and surface decoration performance: wood scrimber can be sawed, planed, drilled, tenoned, and nailed with common wood processing machinery and tools, and can be directly decorated with paint. Various fillers, pigments, flame retardant, sterilization and other chemical agents can also be added in the production process to produce structural materials with comprehensive functions.
  • This project is located in a newly-built factory area with an approximately rectangular area of 8.16 acres, meeting the needs of the project construction land.
  • The target market of this project is mainly domestic market, supplemented by foreign market. With the increasing demand for hardwood in the domestic market, we started with hardwood boards and processed them into end products such as wood doors and windows, wood floors, and wood furniture. At present, we are cooperating with the domestic large-scale wooden door and window enterprises (with an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan), such as Hebei Orient Sundar Group, Beijing Tata Tongchuang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Mengtian Wooden Products Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shiyou Timber Co., Ltd., Treessun Flooring Co., Ltd., Langfang Huari Furniture Share Co.,Ltd. At the same time, we recommend the products to landscape design and construction units for application in outdoor wood floors, wooden plank roads and guardrails in tourist attractions and parks. Comparing with hardwood, wood scrimber has great advantages in price and strong market competitiveness.


  • Fast-growing wood is sufficient. Located near Beijing and Tianjin, Hebei Province is a key ecological construction area and one of the main bases of fast-growing and high-yield forest construction in China. In the past 20 years, a large number of fast-growing forests have been built in this area. In 2014, Hebei Province vigorously implemented the "Green Hebei Key Project" and completed 280000 acres of afforestation throughout the year, increasing the forest coverage by 1%. During 2014-2019, Hebei Province has vigorously promoted the construction of key projects such as national reserve forest, conversion of farmland to forest, 3-North Shelter Forest Program, Taihang Mountain greening, coastal shelterbelt and the greening process in ecological vulnerable areas and densely populated areas; accelerated the pace of greening corridors, villages, towns and mines; increased the intensity of centralized, continuous and large-scale management; and strived to build a national ecological security system with green vegetation as the main body. At present, there are more than 60000 acres of fast-growing forests, such as poplar, in Xingtai City. A large number of fast-growing forest resources need to be processed and utilized with advanced technology, so as to increase farmers’ income and the efficiency of enterprises, and to promote the sustainable development of fast-growing forests.
  • Market demand is high. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region is a developed area of China’s timber industry, and Xianghe in the Region is the “Furniture Capital of the North” of China. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, located in the heart of Northeast Asia around the Bohai Sea, is the largest and most dynamic region in northern China, attracting more and more attention from China and even the whole world. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region has a population of 110 million, including 21.53 million in Beijing, 15.61 million in Tianjin, 11.03 million in Shijiazhuang, 11 million in Baoding, 7.96 million in Tangshan, 7.39 million in Xingtai and 9.52 million in Handan. This huge population has strong consumption capacity and great demand for furniture and decoration. The superior geographical location and traffic environment in this Region enable its market to fully cover north China, Jiaodong Peninsula and northeast China, and it has unique conditions for developing wood processing industry. The utilization of fast-growing plantation wood to produce high-quality wood scrimber will relieve the market pressure on the growing demand for wood and wood products to some extent and make due contributions to the protection of wood resources and ecological environment.
  • The project can increase the local GDP by more than 120 million yuan per year, and the construction of the project can effectively promote the development of local transportation, chemical industry, packaging, service and other industries.
Main Advantages
  • This project adopts the following patented technologies and scientific research achievements of the Research Institute of Wood Industry the Chinese Academy of Forestry, and the process technology is at the international leading level;
  • The products have controllable performance, excellent physical and mechanical indexes, similar appearance to natural hardwood, and good product quality;
  • Wood scrimber and its products are eco-friendly and can meet various purposes and needs.
  • The market demand in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region is strong. The shortage and the unstable supply of hardwood in the market makes it a promising market demand for wood scrimber.
  • As an innovative and sustainable deep processing product of raw materials, wood scrimber has got the support of the government.


Estimated value of investment 5,868,950 EUR:

List of major equipment



  • Establish a strategic partnership with Xingtai, Hebei Province, to ensure the wood supply nearby.;
  • As a partner, a company in Xingtai, Hebei Province, provides factory buildings and local services;
  • Technical assistance from Chinnes Academy of Forestry;
  • Part of the subsidy is provided by Xingtai, Hebei Province.


Figure 1. High performance reconstituted wood


Figure 2. High performance reconstituted wood doors and windows



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