GOMARK d.o.o.

Country: Slovenia

Address: Čeplje 52, 3305 Vransko

Tel: +386 3 7001503

E-mail: info@gomark.si

Webpage: http://www.gomark.si

Description of the company

Searching for sales representatives, general importers for target country.

Additional data about company

100% private family owned company.
Main product: horizontal and vertical log splitters, circular saws, circular saws with conveyor, log binders, fruit presses.

Main activity in accordance with NACE classification

Size: small
Number of employees: 24
Income: 4,5 mio eur
Export share in income: 80%
Tradition since: 1994

Main activity in accordance with CPA classification:

Description of the business needs/requirements:
We are producing forest machinery and equipment under own protected brand name LANCMAN. We are searching general importers/distributors.

Target regions and countries where a company exports

Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia;

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