China-CEEC SME Cooperation Zone in Cangzhou

Development Goals

Create a leading and centralized hosting area for cooperation between China and CEE.

Globally, become the most influential flagship highland for "17+1" SME cooperation; Nationally, become the mechanism carrier for leading and implementing the "17+1" SME(small and medium-sized enterprise) cooperation; In Hebei Province, become the growth pole and bridgehead for opening up and development.


China-CEEC SME Cooperation Zone in Cangzhou was established in February 2018 with the approval of the MIIT of China. Located in Bohai New Area of Cangzhou, Hebei, the Zone covers an area of 268km2 with the population of 80 thousand. It is the first and only cooperation zone specially for CEEC in China. At the 7th China-CEE Leaders 'Meeting held in Bulgaria in July 2018, the Zone received wide attention. The construction of the Zone was officially written into <The Sohpia Guidelines>. In April 2019, it was written again into <the Dubrovnik Guidelines>. The Zone is 200km far from Beijing, and 30km from Huanghua Port. It is situated in the overlapping place of national strategies such as coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, planning and construction of Xiong'an New Area, pioneering development of Hebei coastal areas and cooperative development around the Bohai Sea. It will focus on becoming the important growth poles in Hebei coastal economic belt and a model city with high-quality development in Hebei.


With a planned area of 36.75 km2, the core area of the Zone will expand cooperation with 16 countries in CEE in the fields of industry, economy, trade, science and technology, culture and so on. It will strive to build—— China-CEEC Scientific and Technological Achievement Transformation Base, China-CEEC Industrial Cooperation Base, China-CEEC Product Exhibition and Trade Cooperation Base, China-CEEC Cultural Exchange Center  

2 District

3 Park

The Zone has formed the development pattern of "2 Districts and 3 Parks": 2 districts: Urban Business District, Science and Technology Creating Intelligence District; 3 parks: General Aviation Park, High-end Manufacturing Park, Green Agriculture Products Industrial Park.

Urban Business District

Planning: Relying on Huanghua New Town, focus on developing exhibition economy, headquarters economy, commercial services, cultural tourism, etc. We will build a "one-stop" comprehensive service platform for European enterprises, create an international business environment system, and build a demonstration zone for economic and trade in Central and Eastern Europe. Existing projects: 8 headquarters buildings such as Huajie and Weiye, 16 business centers in Central and Eastern Europe, Outlet International Shopping Center, Nitra Town, Comprehensive Service Center, European Special Products Exhibition Center, etc. Core investment: headquarters building, business complex, business logistics, cross-border e-commerce, tourism and cultural industries, etc.

Science and Technology

Creating Intelligence District

Planning: Relying on the existing resources of institutions of higher learning, we will build a platform for Sino-foreign educational exchanges and cooperation, a platform for technology transfer in CEECs, and an incubation platform for innovative SMEs in Central and Eastern Europe. Existing projects: Hebei Agricultural University, Zhongjie Vocational and Technical School, Beihang Education Park, University Science Park, Belgrade Technology Transfer Cooperation, High-tech Venture Base, Green Industry Incubator in Central Europe, etc. Core investment: to undertake the cooperation of domestic and foreign universities,  Cooperative Running of Schools by Universities at Home and Abroad,the platform of production, education and research, the center of high quality technology transfer and incubator.

General Aviation Park

Planning: Relying on the 3600-metre runway of the Zhongjie Airport, in accordance with the diversified development ideas, to build a demonstration base of the aviation industry, which is based on the aviation manufacturing industry and promotes the comprehensive development of scientific research, information and high-end manufacturing. Existing projects: Zhongjie General Aviation Airport, Czech FAIR flight training cooperation, Czech shark aircraft manufacturing, Slovakia VRM simulation flight training center project, etc. Core investment: large passenger aircraft refitting cargo aircraft project, large aircraft disassembly and maintenance project, aircraft manufacturing project, aviation exhibition and aircraft operation and sales project, general aviation education and training project, aviation logistics project, civil-military integration aviation industry project, etc.

High-end Manufacturing Park

Planning: We will focus on the transfer of high-end equipment industry and the transformation of scientific research achievements, create the preferred place for small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe to expand the Chinese market, develop advanced technology and high-end products, and jointly build a high-end equipment manufacturing base. Existing projects: Romania FIM RV project, Spain Codir Air Technology Equipment Manufacturing  project, British Broa driver-horse Lodge RV holiday home production project, China-Germany high-quality electric sanitation machinery production project. Core investment: Robots and intelligent manufacturing equipment, new energy vehicles, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, medical equipment, RV industry, prefabricated building, precision instruments, etc.

Green Agricultural Products

Industrial Park

Planning: Depending on the 10,000 head dairy cattle breeding base, 10,000 Mu mulberry industry base, 10,000 Mu alfalfa base and Wine Base, we will strengthen in-depth cooperation with agricultural enterprises in European countries and build the leading international green agricultural products trading and processing base in China. Existing projects: Slovakia Nitra Wine Brewing and Sales Project, Czech Beer Cooperation Project, Czech-China Agricultural Improvement International Cooperation Project, Slovakia Dairy Factory Technical Cooperation Project. Core investment: wine and beer brewing, fine management of farmland, deep processing of agricultural products, transformation of advanced agricultural technology and scientific research achievements in Europe, etc.

Investment Advantage

01  Unique Foreign Affairs Resource

Previously named by Premier Zhou Enlai himself as "Sino-Czech-slovakia Friendship Farm", it has maintained close contacts with Czech Republic and Slovakia for 63 years and is the most important opening window of Hebei Province. European offices have been set up in Czech, Slovakia, Poland, and gradually will be set up in other CEEC; The cooperation is ongoing with Friends of Hebei, Czech New Silk Road, Chinese-Polish Communication & Development Foundation, etc. Since 2013, it has held five successive annual meetings of Sino-Czech-Slovakia Friendship Farm Foreign Cooperation Promotion and Ambassadors' Exchange in China, attracting more than 40 envoys from countries, as well as more than 1,000 entrepreneurs from home and abroad attend, and has achieved fruitful results. In November 2018, the first China-CEEC SME Cooperation Forum was held. A total of more than 300 envoys and business representatives from 13 CEEC participated in the Forum, and 16 Sino-foreign cooperation projects were signed. In November 2019, the 2nd China-CEEC SME Cooperation Forum was successfully held, with more than 700 attendees. In the Forum, 38 projects with a total investment of 7.2 billion yuan were signed, involving 14 countries including Australia, Poland, Germany, Croatia, etc. and covering drones, medical equipment, RV, environmental protection equipment, modern logistics and other fields.

02 Complete Regional Facilities

03 Support Policies at All Levels

In accordance with relevant conditions, domestic and foreign enterprises recognized by the China-CEEC SME Cooperation Zone enjoy preferential policies in the fields of Land, Plant, Talent, Trade, Foreign Investment, Business Invitation, Reward, ect. (Note: Specific criteria and requirements are based on the content of policy documents) Hebei Province's "Opinions on Further Strengthening Investment Promotion to Promote Major Projects" Implementation Opinions of Cangzhou City on Deep Integration into the Construction of the “one belt one road” Implementation Opinions on Promoting Foreign Capital Growth in Bohai New Area "Setting up new development concepts, focusing on high-quality development, promoting the construction of innovative driving demonstration zones" “Implementation plan on accelerating the high-quality development of Cangzhou Bohai New Area”

04 Strong Enterprise Foundation

Main Projects of the Zone


Country: China