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Founded in 1951, STAFA is a cadre training academy directly under State Forestry Administration (SFA). It is an education and training base for China’s middle and senior forestry officials. The functions of STAFA include conducting training and education programs for forestry officials, doing research on forestry management, providing consultancy for forestry decision-making and carrying out international forestry cooperation programs and exchanges.
STATA now has 21 divisions, including ten training divisions and has 164 staff members. STAFA has set up three branches and nine on-site training and teaching bases and signed cooperation agreements with 28 organizations including local forestry authorities. In addition, STAFA is also the national continued education base for technicians and executor of foreign aid training programs of Ministry of Commerce of China and has established cooperation with APFNet and RECOFTC and other international organizations.
In the past five years, about 670 training programs have been conducted in STAFA, and the training volume has reached 57000 person times. And in 2015, STAFA has broken a record of 15000 person times, 2.7 times over 2010. The design of training courses has become richer and quality higher, and the favorite rate is always above 95%. Since its foundation, STAFA has hosted more than 1800 training programs and has seen 135000 person times attendance.
International Cooperation
STAFA is an organizer of China Aid programs designated by Ministry of Commerce of China. As of 2017, STAFA has organized 29 international training programs for about 950 participants from 69 countries, all expenses covered by China. The topics include forest law enforcement and governance, sustainable forest management, wildlife conservation, forest fire prevention, etc. In 2018, STAFA has ten such training programs for application and one is specially designed for CEECs.
STAFA works with RECOFTC, a regional community forest training center to organize training workshops and seminars. STAFA works with APFNet to improve human resource capacity in the Asia-pacific region. STAFA works with Department of Wildlife Conservation of Sri Lanka to organize training programs for them. Other cooperative partners include GTZ, JICA, UBC and so on.
STAFA is open to cooperation proposals from all CEECs in human resource development, training, education and research.