NFC – Forest Research Institute




Slovakia, T. G. Masaryka 22, 960 92 Zvolen

Contact point

045/532 03 16


NFC (or NLC in Slovak language) is involved:

Finding better ways of sustainable management of natural resources, improving tree quality and forest operations and helping clients to solve forestry and tree-related problems.
Linking the relevant research and know-how to forest and woodland practice.
Chemical analysis of plant, water, soil and animal tissue samples, testing of plant stock quality and tree assessment products. Foliar analysis service – chemical analysis of foliage.
Finding ways to enhance public awareness about multiple aspects of forest management and the role of forests in the society. Implementing new approaches to life-long education of forestry professionals.
Technical and environmental services and advice to scientists, forest managers and land based industries – surveying, experiments, and software solutions.
Laboratory-based diagnostic services, computer-based decision support systems, treatment services, herbicidal and other products.
Forestry library, photographic library, and technical forestry and environmental publications.