Land for industrial construction or logistic center

Location: Hrpelje-Kozina Industrial Zone

Contact: Ms Loredana Matkovi

Tel: +386 41 292 144


Estimated value: Other


In the Hrpelje – Kozina industrial zone (20 km from the port of Koper / Slovenia) we sell an industrial plot measuring 8,781 m². The plot has a building permit. The municipal contribution has already been paid. Construction can start immediately. The plot is flat, access is paved. There is a rail and highway nearby. All infrastructure is in close proximity. The boundary of the plot is arranged. It is possible to purchase adjacent land (same owner) measuring 11,360 m², with a total area of 20,141 m2.

Benefits for investitor

The land is very close to the railway and road connection to the port of Koper, which is only 20 km away. We have already obtained a building permit for a plot of 8,781 m2, which means a big time savings – the investor can start construction of the building immediately. All infrastructure is in close proximity. If we combine the two plots, we get 20,141 m2 – this is one of the last such large plots near the port of Koper. The plot is suitable for industrial construction or logistic center.

Investment value

Upon agreement with the investor.

Desired form of investment and possible conditions

Upon agreement with the investor.

Visual presentations

Development strategy

The investment opportunity contributes to the achievement of goal 5 of the Slovenia’s Development Strategy 2030, in the field of inclusive growth and regional development, as it encourages the strengthening of economic activity in rural areas.

Forest-timber chain activity

Wood working and processing,

manufacture of paper and paper products,

manufacture of furniture.

Type of investment

Modern technology, equipment or infrastructure.