Construction of a large carpentry workshop

Location: Bistrica 44, 8232 Šentrupert, Slovenia

Contact: Mr Štefan Vavtar

Tel: +386 41 536 429



Estimated value: Other


Construction of a large carpentry workshop. Construction of a large carpentry workshop. Extending the business to a larger space because it is not possible to expand the premises at the current location. The purpose of building a larger workshop is to allow the promoter to take on more business and consequently generate additional employment. The size of the building is planned to be 500 m2. The plot on which the workshop will be built is in the phase of changing the purpose of the land. The building plot is the property of the applicant.

Benefits for investor

We have an educated staff. Based on quality unique products, the business is growing. The location of the new workshop will be along the main busy road. We try to fulfill the wishes of our clients and try to follow the market.

Investment value

We don’t have the value of the investment yet. But it can be a matter of agreement with the investor. The project is in the pipeline as it is awaiting a change of land use.

Desired form of investment and possible conditions

 The form of the investment will be a matter of agreement with the investor.

Development strategy

The investment opportunity contributes to the achievement of goal 5 of the Slovenia’s Development Strategy 2030, in the field of inclusive growth and regional development, as it encourages the strengthening of economic activity in rural areas.

Forest-timber chain activity

Manufacture of furniture.

Type of investment

Development of developmental and technical-technological solutions in the priority field of application of the smart specialization “Smart buildings and home with a timber chain” (smart houses, furniture, etc.),

a solution to improve the relevant characteristics of native wood species,

development of solutions that will enable environmentally friendly and safe timber construction.